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UC is a new type of benefit designed to

support people who are on a low income

or out of work. It replaces six existing

benefits, including housing benefit, and

is currently being rolled out across the

UK. Under this new system, you will

receive a one-off monthly payment

straight into a bank account. You will

then be responsible for paying your bills,

including rent, every month.

If your circumstances change, ensure

you are ready for UC by following our

four simple steps. Or ask us for a handy

pocket guide for future reference.

Universal Credit (UC) is now

live in all the areas where we

have homes.

Are you ready for

Universal Credit?

1. Get ahead

with your rent

It can take up to seven weeks for you to

receive the first UC payment following your

claim, so you need to make sure your rent

account is kept up to date. Remember that

your rent is due in advance so make this a

priority when you first get paid.

2. Open a bank


UC can only be paid directly into a bank,

building society or credit union account. Set up

direct debits for your bills, including your rent,

as this is the best way to make sure everything

is paid on time.

3. Prepare a budget

UC is paid monthly so make sure you know how

to make your money last for the month.

4. Get online

UC can only be claimed online so you need to

know how to use the internet. If you do not

have internet access at home, your local Job

Centre Plus or local authority will be able to

help you. We also have computers in our offices

where you can make your claim.

You can findmore information about

UC on our website, including a frequently

asked questions leaflet.

Other useful information regarding UC can

be found on the Money Advice service website:


Get ready in four

simple steps: