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We are a member of Language Line. You can use this translation service to have information in this magazine

or any conversations you need to have with us translated into your language over the telephone.

Large print, Braille and audio versions of echo are available on request.

To receive the reward, residents

need to leave their homes free of

any rubbish, furniture or

belongings, and not in need of any

repairs that are not down to

normal wear and tear.


Clean and Clear scheme

encourages anyone leaving one of

our homes to give the full notice

required by the tenancy

agreement, and to leave things

safe, clean, clear, and free from any

unnecessary damage.

Chris Rollings

, Head of Housing &

Neighbourhoods - North,


“Doing this saves us

time and money, and gives

movers some handy cash to help

with their new home. It also

means that a new occupier can

move in quickly. So everyone


To qualify for the £150

cashback, outgoing residents

must give emh homes four

weeks’ written notice and not

be in rent arrears at the end of

their tenancy. They must also

return all keys and provide a

new address. The payment also

depends on an inspection of the

home shortly before the

tenancy ends.

Details of the incentive scheme

are included in the pack sent to

anyone leaving one of our homes,

or can be requested from the

Customer Services Team on

0300 123 6000.

Animal mess can contain parasites,

which present a serious health

hazard. If you do not clean up after

your pet, these parasites can

contaminate water and soil, causing

infections in both other animals and


To keep communal spaces as clean

and pleasant as possible, please

To help keep neighbourhoods safe and clean from pet poo,

we are giving


and dispensers to each

household that owns a dog or cat.

use the free bags to clean up and

dispose of any mess safely.

To get your bags and dispenser,

please call

0300 123 6000

or speak

to a member of our grounds

maintenance team. You will need a

letter or other document to show

that you are an emh homes resident.

The free bags will only be available

while stocks last.




Moving out of one of our homes? You can get

£150 cashback if you leave your property in clean

and good condition.