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Members of the

Petersham Afternoon

Club (PAC), a community

group in Long Eaton,

have donated



the town’s foodbank

as a gesture of thanks to

emh homes’ Customer

& Community

Investment Officers.

Residents give foodbank a boost

The art of friendship

PAC aims to ensure that vulnerable

residents have a support network

in their community, and is made up

of residents who have previously

received support from the Customer

& Community Investment team.

Club members wanted to buy the

officers a Christmas gift to thank

them for their help, but Customer

& Community Investment Officer

Liz Dane

agreed that they instead

make a donation to the Long

Eaton foodbank.

“The foodbank does a fantastic

job in helping vulnerable

people in the community,”



“It receives a lot of food

donations - especially around

Christmas time - but it can

also be hard storing the items

and keeping track of what

is needed.

“Giving money to the foodbank

means that staff can identify

which items they are short of

and buy products throughout

the year.”

“ This is a gift from

all the members of

the Petersham

Afternoon Club to

help with the great

work the foodbank

does for the people

of Long Eaton.”

Flo Schoolar

, Chair of PCA.

We are working in partnership with arts and health

social enterprise, Beauty and Utility Arts, to deliver

workshops to tackle social isolation and loneliness

among older people in Leicester.

The Crafting Relationships

sessions give over-50s in the city

the opportunity to come together

with younger people and create

new friendships while producing

lasting pieces of art.

The sessions are currently

happening in the Spinney Hill and

If you or someone you know would benefit from joining a

Crafting Relationships session, please contact Katherine Brown,

Director of Beauty and Utility Arts, on 07908 750187 or

Wycliffe areas of the city. The

intergenerational projects last for

up to eight weeks, giving

participants the opportunity to

exercise their creative flare and

learn from experienced

artists. Each group chooses a

theme, which results in an original

piece of artwork.