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The scheme encourages

residents who could benefit from

changes to their home to get in

touch with ideas for remodelling

and improvements. In Mr and Mrs

Thacker’s case, it was to remove

an old built-in pantry which

divided up and wasted space in

their kitchen. Taking out the

obstacle means that the couple

now have room for a dining table

and chairs to enjoy meals with

their family.

The work was organised by

our Asset Management team

and carried out by the

Building Services team.

It included structural checks,

Ian and Gina Thacker

from Long Eaton

have a lighter and

larger kitchen after

applying to our

remodelling scheme.

electrical rewiring, and moving power

points and a radiator. Ian and Gina

just had to pay for the paint and new

floor covering to finish off the job.

If you think your home might benefit

from a new lease of life, look out for

our next remodelling scheme starting

later this Spring.

“We are delighted with the work

emh homes carried out. It has

made it a lot easier for me to get

around, and we are enjoying

having a bigger space where we

can cook and eat together. The

work has also made the house a

lot warmer.”

Ian Thacker

Remodelling success

Asbestos was widely used in

building materials up until the

1990s, so if your home was built

or refurbished before then it is

likely that it will have some

asbestos-containing materials.

The materials do not present a

health risk if they are

undamaged, but if disturbed

(e.g. by drilling or sanding) they

can release dangerous fibres

into the air. These fibres can be

harmful to lungs if they are


If you have any concerns about asbestos in your home, please call 0300 123 6000

or email

Asbestos awareness

We are currently identifying where

asbestos may be present in all our

properties. If we find material

containing asbestos that is in

good condition, there is no need

for any immediate action, but we

will regularly review it to check the

condition doesn’t change. Where

there is damage to asbestos-

containing materials, we will repair,

seal or remove it. All work will be

undertaken by our licensed

contractor, RIS, that work to strict

safety standards. Never attempt to

fix or remove any asbestos-

containing material yourself.

Your tenancy agreement states

that you must get written

permission to change the

structure of fabric of your home.

This is so we can assess your

home for asbestos and prevent

you from disturbing any

asbestos-containing material.

If you carry out work on your

home without first gaining our

permission, as well as potentially

putting your health at risk, you

may have to pay for the costs of

dealing with any asbestos.

Ian and Gina Thacker with their two children Ben and Maisy.