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Protect against potential

asbestos danger

FromApril 2017, emh sharpes,

our grounds maintenance

team, will be taking over

responsibility for homes in the

Erewash area.

The service will be carried out

throughout the whole of each

year to include seasonal

mowing, pruning, weeding and

the removal of any mess this

causes, such as grass

cuttings. They will also do leaf

collecting during autumn and

winter months.

If you live in Erewash, you will

benefit from the high standards

of grounds maintenance that

other areas already receive.

If you have any feedback from

during the transition, let emh

sharpes know. In the meantime,

keep a look out for their vans

and the men in green!

As a responsible landlord, we

have a duty to determine and

manage the presence of any

asbestos in your home.

Found in properties built

before 2000, asbestos can be

in the form of textured ceilings,

floor tiles, and rainwater goods

and many other products. If

these get damaged or

disturbed they can release

dangerous fibres into the air

that are harmful to lungs if they

are inhaled.

If you have any concerns about asbestos in your home, please

call 0300 123 6000 or email

Remember: Before you let a contractor onto your property, ask

them for identification. If they are genuine they will be happy to

provide ID or wait while you contact us to confirm.

Our asbestos surveying

contractor, Lucion, will contact

you if a management survey, a

re-inspection or a

refurbishment survey is

required to assess the risk in

your home. During the survey,

no one in the property is at

risk of harm. It is extremely

important that you allow them

access as otherwise we can’t

carry out the necessary works

that are required.

gaining ground