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We are a member of Language Line. You can use this translation service to have information in this magazine

or any conversations you need to have with us translated into your language over the telephone.

Large print, Braille and audio versions of echo are available on request.

If you have difficulty reading, or English is not your first language, do you know

that we have a tool on our website that can help you?

BrowseAloud reads out sections of text on the website in English or the

language of your choice. You can even record the reading as an MP3 audio file

which can be saved to your computer.

Text to speech button

This button highlights each word as it is read aloud while simultaneously highlighting the

sentence or paragraph in a contrasting colour.

Spoken and written translation buttons

Translates web pages into 78 languages and speaks the translated text where there is a matching

voice. Currently there are 35matching voices available.

MP3 maker button

Converts text to an MP3 audio file which can be saved and listened to at a later time or

transferred to a CD or USB stick.

Text magnifier button

Magnifies text as it is read aloud, displaying and highlighting it in a single line at the top of the

screen as it is read out.

Screen mask button

A semi-opaque black mask extends across your screen leaving a letterbox reading window

clear, helping users focus on the section of the web page they are most interested in.

Simplify button

Presents the current web page in a more user-friendly layout that is free from the secondary

information on the page such as adverts.