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We just love providing

places for people to live.

That is why we are

delighted to be building

nearly 900 new homes,

thanks to £26million from

the Homes and

Communities Agency


As well as serving as the


regulator of social housing,

the HCA is also the

largest funder of affordable

homes in England.

This allocation will enable

us to create 331 rent-to-

buy homes and 529 for

shared ownership, plus six

properties for sale to

people with long-term

disabilities. The new

homes will be built across

the Midlands over the next

five years, and add to the

18,000 homes that we

already own and manage.

“ This funding helps us to play

our part in providing low-

cost home ownership in our

community - not to mention

getting us off to a great

start in 2017!”

Chan Kataria

emh group Chief Executive

New homes and new


Spring is one of the most

beautiful seasons. The days

start to get longer, the

gloomy weather starts to lift

and the flowers begin to

bloom. At emh homes it is

the time that we focus on

the year ahead as we

continue to work hard to be

the very best landlord

we can.

In this first issue of 2017, we

have a great mix of stories

we think you will find both

entertaining and useful.

You can read about how we

have streamlined our

repairs service to make it

more efficient, and what this

might mean for you. You can

also discover the latest

updates in welfare reform

and the changes to the way

you pay your rent.

We would also like to share

news of our fantastic start to

the year.

The highlight is

that we will be building

nearly 900 new homes in

the Midlands!

Keep reading

to find out howwemade this

happen. We have also

been out in the community

with emh care & support,

formerly Enable, which was

a proud sponsor of the

Leicester Mercury

Carer of

the Year Awards


Last but not least we

always like to use echo as

an opportunity to get

residents involved, so

you will find news of

important changes to the

South residents’ groups

and details of community

events happening

near you.

I hope you enjoy this issue

and I’ll see you again in the


Chris Ashton

Executive Director


Welcome to your

Spring edition of

echo, the magazine

for all emh homes