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Highfields Blues

The Leicestershire emergency services

have been piloting a fantastic new project

called Highfields Blues at several of our

sheltered schemes.

The project aims to deliver information

about how the police, ambulance and fire

services work, both individually and


During a recent visit, members from each team

came to see 20 of our residents at Len Hollis

Court in Leicester to provide one-to-one

sessions about issues such as what to do if you

have a fall. They also taught participants about

the importance of calling the correct emergency

service when in crisis.

Call 999…

only when you urgently need attendance by

the emergency services.

For example,

someone is seriously ill or having a stroke or a

heart attack, or if a crime is in progress.

Call 111…

if you urgently need medical help or advice

but it is not a life-threatening situation.

Use this for illnesses and minor injuries where

life isn’t threatened, but you would like some

advice on what to do next.

Call 101…

if you want to contact your local police but it

is less urgent than a 999 call.

For example,

if your car has been stolen, your property has

been damaged or your home has been

broken into.