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In the last issue, we

explained how the

Government has asked

housing associations to

reduce rents by 1% per

year for the next four

years. This affects all

tenants apart from

shared owners, whose

rents will increase in the

normal way.

By now you should have

received a letter from us

detailing new rent and service

charges that you must pay

from 3 April 2017.


adjust the amount you pay us

to match the amount shown

on the letter.

Meanwhile, our service charges

– where relevant – will also

change for tenants, leaseholders

and owners.

If you pay your rent

and service charges by

Direct Debit…

Your payments will be

automatically changed to

the new amount, but if

not, your payments will not

be adjusted.

Don’t forget

– your rent

is changing very soon

If you receive housing


We will tell your local housing

benefit department about the

new charges and they will

change your benefit

entitlement to match. If you

have not received confirmation

of this by 30 April 2017 call

them directly.

If you receive Universal

Credit (UC)…

You will need to tell the

Department of Work and

Pensions (DWP) that your rent

and service charges are

changing or you might

receive the wrong amount

of UC. If the payments are too

much, they will be

reclaimed by the DWP.

To contact Universal Credit,

please call

0345 600 0723


For general advice on

paying your rent, visit our


In partnership with allpay, we

have introduced a new option

for residents who do not like

direct debits but who use

their card to make payments.

This allows you to set up

payments by using your bank

card to take a fixed sum. This

can be weekly or monthly,

for items such as rent, service

charges or Lifeline.

It is important to remember

that if there are insufficient

funds in the account to

cover the payment, you will

not be charged. However,

the payment will be declined

and no money will be


When setting up this payment

method you will be asked to

provide either your email or

telephone number so that we

can confirm that the payments

have been set up.

To use this new payment

method, simply visit

or call us on

0300 123 6000.

Not a fan of Direct Debits?

Try reoccurring card


Your tenancy agreement requires you to pay rent in advance.

You will therefore need to pay extra to get your account

a full week or month in credit.

The Income team is happy to discuss your circumstances or to

arrange for the credit to build over an agreed period.

Please contact us on 0300 123 6000 if you are still paying in arrears

and need support to move to paying in advance.