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The classes, which are held once a week and

attended by 14 residents, are run by Michelle Scott

Worthington, a community exercise teacher who

encourages movement to fun and lively music.

Together with the other social activities run at Prior

Park, this class aims to improve the life of its


For this reason, chair exercising is becoming

increasingly popular for people suffering with

disability, dementia and other physical and mental

health conditions such as arthritis and stroke. It

also helps to stimulate the body and mind, helping

people to remain independent, mobile and


Residents of Prior Park, one of

our sheltered schemes in

Ashby, have been keeping fit

from the comfort of their chairs

by performing simple but

effective exercises.

Other benefits include:


Improving memory recall


Building confidence for social interactions


Reducing balance problems


Assisting with an increased range of movement


Stabilising the lower spine

“Both myself and Joy, my colleague, feel

there are physical benefits for those

attending class but also psychological

benefits. Being stronger and more able

to carry out everyday tasks is a big

confidence boost and being part of a

class provides more social interaction.”