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Making sure your rent is

paid on time isn’t just a

weight off your mind – it

could also mean picking

up a prize.

At Christmas time and at

the end of each financial year,

we automatically enter

residents whose rent

accounts are free of any debt

into a draw for the chance

to win some great prizes.

In the last draw, we gave away

five iPads, 30 £10 vouchers

and some bigger cash


Karen Bailey

from Long

Eaton was delighted to win

£100 in the spring draw.

TEN prizes of


towards your rent


It pays to pay on time

Debts don’t go away

“ I was almost in tears when

I heard about this - I’ve never

won anything before!”



“This money will go so

far in my life.”

If you move out of your home

owing rent or any other money,

we will still pursue you to

recover the debt.

We use an array of methods to get

arrears from former tenants paid.

So if you leave a debt behind, you

may face:


a County Court money order or

attachment of earnings


action by a debt recovery agency


seizure of your household

goods for sale

Last year we recovered £190,000

from residents who left their

homes owing us money.

So if you are

planning to move,

please make

sure your account

is clear and up

to date.

If you owe emh homes money,

you can expect to hear from

us by phone, email, text or

home visit. Residents have

been helping us review and

improve the letters we also

send at key stages of our work

to recover debts.

Our approach to helping

people avoid and manage rent

arrears encourages payment in

advance and use of Direct

Debit wherever possible.

Acting on advice from a

group of volunteer residents,

we have changed our letters to

make sure they are easy to

understand and contain:


the latest amount owed and any

arrangements or court orders

made to repay


our contact details and a clear

deadline for action or response


what happens next if the

debt isn’t cleared or reduced

(including court costs)


details of the support we

and local partners can offer

to help people boost their

income, claim benefits, and

deal with other money


To match the style of bills

sent by other companies and

service providers, we have

also introduced colour on

some letters.

So, if you get a letter from

us about rent arrears,

please don’t ignore it.

We evicted 73 households

for non-payment of rent

last year, so you could lose

your home if you fail to

pay what you owe.

For a chance

to win like

Karen, ensure

your rent is

paid on time.