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Residents who damage their

property or leave behind a

mess when they move home

must pay the cost of putting

things right. Otherwise

everyone ends up losing out.

Each year, we face a big bill for

damage to homes caused by

residents, or for cleaning and

repairing vacant properties left

in a poor state. We often also

have to put right sub-standard

home alterations done without

proper permission.

If you request a non-emergency

repair that is down to deliberate

or accidental damage by

someone in your household or a

Paying for damage

visitor, we will only do this work

if you agree to pay the full cost.

We can offer payment by

instalments to spread the cost,

but if you fail to make all the

payments, we can take legal

action to recover the debt.

Head of Income Management,

Gwyn Gascoigne

, said:

“ If people damage their homes

and leave emh homes to pick

up the bill it just means higher

rents or restrictions on

services for other residents.

This isn’t fair on residents

who take good care of their

homes, so we’ll always ask the

person who causes damage

to pay for it.”

Lucion Services

are now

responsible for asbestos

surveys and inspections

to emh homes properties,

replacing our previous

contractor, Tersus.

We are pleased to have the leading,

nationwide company Lucion

Services on board as our new

asbestos specialists. Their teamwill

continue the work to identify homes

that may have asbestos, assess

any risk this might pose and

organise any necessary work to

repair, seal or remove the


New asbestos experts

Asbestos and building materials

containing the fibre do not

present a health risk if they are

undamaged, but can be harmful

to the lungs if they are cut,

drilled or disturbed.

If Lucion Services need to visit

and check your home, they will

contact you by phone or letter to

fix an appointment. Their

employees always carry photo

identification, wear branded

uniforms and drive vehicles with

the Lucion logo.

If you have any concerns about

asbestos in your home, call

0300 123 6000

or email


Are you covered?

Contents Insurance

We have joined forces with the

National Housing Federation

to offer an easy and affordable way

to insure your belongings.

My Home Contents Insurance

offers financial protection against fire,

theft, vandalism, flood, burst pipes

and other household damage.

Cover is available for contents

valued from:


£6,000 if you are over 60


£9,000 for everyone else

You can pay premiums

fortnightly, monthly or annually

by cash, Direct Debit, cheque,

debit or credit card, postal order

at any post office or pay zone.

Backed by leading brokers and

underwriters, Thistle Insurance and

Allianz, the scheme’s benefits include:


no excess – so you don’t have to

pay the first part of any claim


no need for special door or

window locks

It is easy to apply. Just complete the

application form available at

or from your

local office.

Other household contents insurance

schemes are available and we advise

you to shop around. Commission

from sales of this scheme help emh

homes deliver its services.