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As we reported in the last

edition we are no longer sending

printed copies of echo to all

our 16,000 households.

We are only sending copies to

residents of our sheltered and

specialist supported schemes,

and those residents of general

needs, shared ownership and

leasehold properties that

completed and returned the

card in the last issue stating

that they still wanted to receive

a printed copy. There were only

about 260 residents in this

category, which suggests that

there is a lot of support for our

move towards more digital


One of the first steps we have

taken is the launch of our text

messaging service that we

mentioned in the last issue.

The service is going live on

Monday 20 June. While texting

will benefit many of our

customers, we understand

that it is not for everyone.

If it is not for you then all you

need to do is let us know and

we will make a note on your

account that you do not

wish to receive texts. You can

read more about the new

service inside.

Those of you living in Erewash

will have been notified that we

are proposing to close our

Long Eaton office later this

year. We have asked for

comments from people living

in the area about how this may

affect them, which our Board

will consider, but in the

Moving towards more

digital communication…

meantime we are upgrading

and adding more information

to our website to limit the

reasons why you may have

felt the need to visit us.

One of the most rewarding

stories in this issue is about

the witnesses who bravely

came forward to help evict a

resident for persistent anti-

social behaviour. We all want

to live in a safe environment,

so it was heartwarming to

see neighbours standing up

for each other and showing

community spirit.

Finally, I would personally like

to wish Colin and Anne-Marie

the best of luck at the

Housing Heroes awards! You

both deserve to be


Please enjoy your read and

let us know if there are any

topics you would like to see

us cover in future editions.

Chris Ashton

Executive Director (Housing) Register It’s easier online

The quickest, easiest and

cheapest way to contact

emh homes and access

our services and support

is via our website.

Using the round-the-clock,

secure, self-service portal

you can:


report a repair and check on

any outstanding work


pay rent and service charges

and view your account


order a new rent swipe

card and print a statement


update your personal and

household details, phone

number and email address


send us a message

It only takes a

few moments to

register - so

more and more

residents are

finding that it is

easier and more



“I needed to change my phone

number, so just logged on to my

account and updated it from my

living room at 9pm. Brilliant!”