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Scrutiny Panel news

Our Scrutiny Panel is a team

which ensures residents

receive high quality and

relevant services that

demonstrate value.

They have been busy over the

past few months and through

hard work and training have

received TPAS accreditation.

This means that the service

they provide is quality assured,

tenant-led and independent.

There have also been some

internal changes, with



– previously

voted Blaby’s nicest neighbour –

now serving as chair of the

group and

Brian Carpenter

as the Vice Chair.

Resident involvement is vital to

ensuring that our services

remain relevant and tailored to

the needs of our customers.

We have got several upcoming

opportunities where you can

make your voice heard.

From July, we will be sending

letters to all our new tenants.

They will provide details about

the surveys we conduct, and

give our residents the

opportunity to decide if they

would like to work with us. If you

think you can make an impact

and want to have your say,

please reply or contact Ben


01530 276000


We are also advertising details

of volunteering opportunities


These include the chance

to get involved with the estate

action days that will be

happening throughout the


In late May we held our ‘New

Pathways’ 2017 residents’

conference in Blaby,

Leicestershire. The day was

attended by over 70

residents from our South

region, who were invited to

come along and share their


The day kicked off with a

welcome speech by Bob

Hingston, chair of our board.

Other keynote speakers

included housing

specialist Tim Morton, a

representative from Trading

Standards who gave

advice on how to avoid

being scammed, and Adrian

Cheetham, our property

services director.

New pathways

We need you!