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One of our recognised

community associations, The

Young Pensioners’ Club, meets

every week at the Monyash

community room in Cotmanhay,

Ilkeston, to socialise and

organise events. Through

activities such as trips to the

seaside and festive celebrations,

the group provides mutual

support for one another, and

highlights the fact that there is

no need for anyone to be

isolated or lonely.

The group organises all of its

own fundraising, and this

year has made a successful

bid to the Lottery Fund,

completed a sponsored walk,

and sold handmade crafts at

Ilkeston market to raise money.

This means activities can be

subsidised and opened up to

the wider community.

If you love the sound of

The Young Pensioners’

Club, why not follow in

their footsteps and start

a group in your local


Contact Customer and

Community Investment Officer

Liz Dane

by emailing

for more information.

A group of pensioners is proving that getting older

does not mean becoming lonelier.


Erewash Voice leads the way

The Young Pensioners’ Club

Residents of Erewash are

making a difference in their

community by giving it a

voice and getting it heard.

Erewash Voice was formed in

2014 when a group of residents

came together to bring local

issues to our attention and

ensure they were dealt with.

They initially decided to focus

on grass cutting across the

borough, a neglected piece of

land on one of the estates,

and improving the condition of

our ready-to-let properties.

Do you want to make a

difference in your

community by giving it

a voice?

Find out how to set up or get

involved with a Local Voice in

your area by contacting the

Customer and Community

Investment team on 0300 123

6000 or email cciteam@

Having previously reported

concerns with some of the

properties they inspected, the

group was pleased to see a

significant improvement in the

condition of homes during a

recent review.

Rob Nightingale

, group

member and inspector, said:

“It feels like our efforts have

really achieved something.

The issues we raised were

not dismissed, but instead

emh homes actually listened

and did something about


This shows the real impact the

group has on our services and

its community.