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“Once you’ve got started, you can

carry on learning from the

comfort of your own home and

fit it around your other


“Whether you’re looking to improve

the skills you already have or

start learning from scratch, you

should come along to a starter

session to grow your confidence

– it worked for me!”


Get on the road to a brighter digital future

If you want to join Sue on

a journey to better your

digital skills, keep an eye

out for details of our next

Digital Driving Licence

starter session and get

on the road to a more

confident digital future.

For more information

contact the Customer and

Community Investment

Team on

0300 123 6000


send an email to cciteam@

“The starter session was great.

I learnt a lot and it was really useful

to have the Digital Eagles on hand

to help with any questions.”

Do you want to steer your digital skills

in the right direction? Our residents

have been doing just that by using a

free interactive learning tool.

Barclays Bank’s Digital Driving Licence is a free

online portal where you can learn new digital skills

and improve your existing abilities at a time, place

and pace that suits you.

We recently held starter sessions at our offices in

Coalville and Long Eaton, where residents were

helped by Barclays Digital Eagles to get to grips

with their Digital Driving Licence.

By downloading the Driving Licence app you can

build you confidence through a series of interactive

learning session and tutorials. Once you feel

confident, you can take tests to earn certificates

that recognise your achievements.

Sue Davies

, one of our residents who attended

the first session, said: