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Need help with your digital skills,

why not sign up to the Barclays Digital

Driving Licence?

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Co-creation Pilot

As you know, we are working hard to ensure

that you are involved in decisions that

affect our services.

To improve the way we work with you, we recently

ran a pilot co-creation workshop. Co-creation is

where a group of tenants and staff work on a

specific project from scratch, rather than taking

an overview of a particular service.

The focus of the workshop was digital

communications. We asked the group to do a

brief evaluation of how we currently contacted

them, with a particular emphasis on areas

where they felt we could improve and things we

could do differently. We also created an online

video which invited residents to give their views

without having to attend the workshop.

The feedback we received from residents at

the session was really useful and they

suggested a number of ways we could boost

our digital communications, including

promoting it through newsletters and putting

on training sessions to teach IT skills.

We are taking these points and others raised

on board and will consider them when

improving our digital communications.

We were really pleased with how well the

session went and will be looking into ways of

using this model of co-creation to work

with you in the future.

Let’s Get Digital

As your landlord, we understand how important

it is for us to keep up with the latest

developments in technology in order to give

you the best possible services.

We know that many of you already use digital

technology on a day-to-day basis, so we are now

looking to use digital means to ensure that you

have more flexible access to our services, making

them available at a time and place that suit you.

We want you to help us shape our digital services,

and you can do this by completing a short survey

which asks about your access to and use of

digital technology.

Complete our online survey at emhresidents to be entered

into a prize draw to win a tablet!