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Lifeline is a personal alarm service with help

available 24 hours a day at the push of a button.

The alarm can help people who:


are housebound


are vulnerable - whether young,

elderly or disabled


are living with a long term medical condition


have recently been discharged from hospital

and require additional support

From as little as £3.32 a week Lifeline gives customers

the confidence to live independently, and their loved

ones reassurance that their personal safety is being

monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do you have an elderly parent or

relative who may need some extra

support this winter?

“ NowMum is out of hospital it is reassuring for all

of us that help is literally at her fingertips should

she need it.”

Margaret and Kate Riley, Leicester

“ Having Lifeline gives me the peace of mind that

assistance is always there at the

push of a button if it is ever needed.”

Janet, Long Eaton

Call 0300 123 6000 and ask to

speak to the Lifeline team in your

area. We have two teams covering

our North and South areas.

Through the emh group Academy, we offer a range

of traineeships, apprenticeships, and careers advice

to our residents and the wider community.

In October we took on eight new apprentices who

have joined us in our customer services, business

administration, finance, and multi-trade

departments. We have also been working hard to

encourage more women to take up

apprenticeships in the construction industry.

To find out more about apprenticeships and trainee

schemes offered by the Academy, go to our website

or check out our

Facebook page by searching ‘emh group academy’.

Knowing what you want to do after leaving school

can be difficult, as can making a career change after

years working in the same industry. So why not use

the Academy to help you?

We can offer advice on trainee schemes and

apprenticeships, getting into work, and careers in

social housing. If you know people who would benefit

from hearing about the work we do, be it school

students or a community group, we would love to

talk to you.

For more information, please contact Chris

Swaine on

Fire Safety

When two of our residents went on holiday earlier

this year, they never imagined that they wouldn’t

have a home to return to.

But that is exactly what happened when a television

that had been left on standby set alight.

Their home is now in need of £13,000-worth of

repairs before they will be able to return to it, and

nearly all of their possessions were destroyed

through smoke damage.

This highlights the dangers of leaving electronic

appliances on standby. Whether you are leaving your

home for a week, or just switching something off for

the night, make sure you turn off all electronics at the

socket and do not leave them on standby.

This is not the first incident that has happened

recently involving electrical appliances causing fires,

which also highlights the importance of

having contents insurance.

To ensure we continue to offer you the best value for

money we are currently looking at new contents

insurance policies on your behalf.

Keep an eye on our

website to find out

more about them

and what they offer.

Turning electrical

appliances off at

the socket can

save your money,

and your life.