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If you are thinking of getting a pet this festive

season, here are a few key questions to ask

yourself before making the decision:


Does my tenancy agreement allow me

to keep animals?

Not all tenancy agreements do, so you need to

check what yours says. You may need to gain written

permission from your local housing office before

being allowed to keep a pet.


Is Christmas the best time to get a pet?

Moving into a new home can be stressful for animals,

so it is best to introduce them into a calm

environment. Presenting an animal as a surprise

gift may cause noise and excitement that

distresses your pet.


Does everyone know how to look after your

pet properly?

Giving a pet as a surprise gift could mean that you

haven’t been able to talk to your family and ensure

they know how to properly look after it.


Will their routine change after Christmas?

Animals need routine, especially house-trained

pets such as dogs. Is Christmas the best time

to introduce a pet to your home when their routine

is likely to change once normal day-to-day life



Do you know enough about your pet?

Have you spent enough time doing your research?

Do you fully understand the needs of your pet

and are you ready for the commitment needed to

look after it?

Thinking of getting

a pet for Christmas?

Looking after

your home

We want to ensure that you live in the best

possible homes. To do this, we need you to look

after the property you live in.

We will repair anything that is damaged due to

‘fair wear and tear’. However, we are spending

approximately £300,000 a year on repairs that are

a result of damage or misuse by residents.

To reduce this cost, we are now challenging the

repairs that are reported and, if they are found to

be as a result of damage or misuse, you may be

asked to pay for the repair yourself.

Examples of repairs that you may

be charged for are:


Being locked out and needing to

gain entry or change the lock


Replacing broken glass


Damaged internal and

external doors


Broken and damaged fixtures,

such as smoke alarms

and radiators


Cracks to baths, showers,

hand basins and toilets


Blocked drains


Cleaning and clearing untidy gardens

If you are not able to pay for the repair all at once,

we can arrange for you to pay in instalments. If

we notice a pattern of damage, we will investigate

which may affect our future plans to improve the



a pet is for life,

not just for


Taking the time to

learn about your

animal and knowing

how to properly look

after it will mean

you have a happier,

healthier addition to

your home.

Are you winter-ready?

There is nothing worse than the boiler

giving up in the middle of Winter, or being hit

with a huge energy bill after trying to keep

the house warm


We have made a series of useful videos that

give you tips on how to stay warm while keeping

the bills down this Christmas. You can also get

advice on what to do if you have problems with

your heating or your boiler is on the blink.



watch the videos and see what

you can do to help yourself this