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Customers who attended our energy

saving workshops in Northampton in

October are already pocketing savings

and helping protect the planet!

The events at Kings Heath Community Centre

and Elizabeth House were part of our community

awareness programme, funded by our Energy

Efficiency Best Practice Award received earlier

this year.

We were supported at them by the emh green

team, emh homes’ Financial Inclusion team,

GB Energy, Husky Heat Pumps, and the National

Housing Federation’s My Home Energy Switch


We have identified Northampton as an area

affected by fuel poverty and were pleased to see

so many customers wanting to help themselves

by finding the best ways to save energy.

We are planning further similar events, and will

also be looking to provide a community

energy option with a low tariff energy partner to

enable customers to consider switching supplier

for further savings in the future.

Saving pennies – and the planet!

Recognising our unique approach

in tackling fuel poverty not only

for our own customers but also

for the wider communities in

which we operate, our Green

Team manager

Dene Carvell


given the Individual Contribution

award at the National Heating and

Renewables Awards 2015


Champions for Change

At emh homes, we serve lots of communities

across the East Midlands, but are wemaking

a difference in your area? Our

Neighbourhood Champions help us answer

that important question.

Neighbourhood Champions are residents that

act as the eyes and ears of their local

community. They tell us about issues affecting

their area, and work with us to resolve them.

Issues can cover anything from a lack of

opportunities for young people or tackling

loneliness among older residents, to improving

communal services like cleaning or grounds


Neighbourhood Champions care about their

community and work in partnership with us to

make things better.

Could you be a

champion for change?

To find out more, contact the

Customer and Community

Investment team on

0300 123 6000 or email