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A refreshed




Welcome to your Winter edition

of echo, the magazine for all

emh homes residents.







We have recently upgraded

our website software, and

taken the opportunity to

rearrange and refresh the

content to make it easier for

you to find the information

you are looking for.

It is important to us that the

website meets your needs,

so before we started we

asked our Scrutiny Panel to

take a look at the site and

recommend more ways in

which we could improve

how it looks, how easy it is to

use, and the information it


We have taken their

comments on board, and we

hope that you now find the

website more appealing and


We also recognise that we

need to support and

encourage you to use the

self-service portal, and an

improved version will be live

in April. Our Customer

Service Advisors and other

frontline staff are currently

being trained so that

they can encourage and

help residents to use the site

and the portal.

As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to take this

opportunity to look back over 2016 and remind you of

some of the very important changes that we have made


The biggest driving factor behind most of these changes

comes from the government announcement that

housing associations have to reduce their rents by 1% a

year for the next four years, meaning we will lose over

£11m of income over that period.

Therefore, we are changing the way we deliver some of

our services to protect them and make them more

efficient. This includes paying rent in advance, an office

closure, and mobile working by the Housing &

Neighbourhoods team.

We also have lots of good news we want to share, from

fun community events to the individual achievements of

an outstanding resident.

And lastly, you will find lots of handy tips and advice that

will help you to stay safe and well during this season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each and every

one of you.

Chris Ashton

Executive Director (Housing)