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For routine enquiries that you may have

previously taken to your Housing &

Neighbourhoods Officer, we ask that you now

contact the Customer Service Centre (CSC),

who will be able to provide you with a

quicker resolution.

“ It is our aim to provide a resolution

at the first point of contact for

the majority of customer

enquiries. We want residents to

understand that they may not

need to speak to their Housing &

Neighbourhoods Officer in the

first instance. They are working

in a more mobile way and the CSC

has the ability to provide more

tailored information.”

Mari Hughes, Customer Service Centre Manager

One of the changes we are most excited to

roll out is the new way we deliver our

customer service and support to residents.

Customer Services:

Naseam Chittim,

Customer Service Advisor

Pam Hodson,

Customer Service Advisor

Linda Rose,

Housing & Neighbourhoods Officer

We have empowered our CSC staff with the

right training and skills to help them to deal with a

wide range of housing enquiries in addition to the

usual rent and repair enquiries.

When you speak to a Customer Service Advisor,

you will be asked a few questions regarding your

enquiry which will enable them to help you quickly

and efficiently at the first point of contact,

something we are aiming to do for 80 per cent of

all calls.

If we are unable help you immediately or your

enquiry requires more time, we will forward it

to a Housing & Neighbourhoods Officer who will

arrange a face-to-face visit if required.

These frontline staff who look after lettings and

provide face-to-face housing advice, the Housing

& Neighbourhoods team, will now be mobile.

We have equipped the officers with the right

technology to allow them to spend up to 80 per

cent of their time out and about in the community,

and resolving more complex issues in the

convenience of your home.