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We are a member of Language Line. You can use this translation service to have information in this magazine

or any conversations you need to have with us translated into your language over the telephone.

Large print, Braille and audio versions of echo are available on request.

We sometimes receive complaints about

noise from neighbours. During the festive

season, living close to nuisance

neighbours can be especially problematic,

but it does not have to be.

If you are having a party,

please give your neighbours

advance notice and bemindful

of the noise - or maybe even

consider inviting them


Respect your

neighbours at


Parties can be fun, but if

you are on the receiving end

of a loud gathering you have

every right to complain.

If it is a one-off incident, the

first thing to do is to talk to

your neighbour and ask

them to turn the music down.

If the noise continues you

can contact your local

Environmental Health team.



If you live in Erewash, you have two rent free

weeks coming up. These fall on 18th and 25th

December. If you owe us rent, you need to

continue to pay rent during this time to reduce

or clear your arrears.