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Page Background

Helping the

We have joined forces with

local charity Action

Homeless, De Montfort

University and other

partners to help build a

better picture of the issues

facing homeless people in


A team of volunteers from

DMU and other agencies went

into the streets one night in

early November to find out

just how serious the

homelessness problem in

Leicester is. The volunteers

included members of our

team, and we donated a

small grant to purchase visible

jackets to keep all the

volunteers warm and safe


Ninety-one people were

surveyed in the official street

count on November 7 with

two others later in the week.

Ten of those who took part

were women.

Forty per cent of the

respondents said that their

homelessness had followed a

traumatic episode or


The survey was carried out

as part of a Connections

Week to support the European

End Street Homelessness


Now we have the data how

many people are sleeping rough,

we are working with partner

agencies to provide suitable

accommodation to get

people off the streets into

permanent housing. We will

then work with partners to

shape a package of

personalised support.

The Government has

announced in the Autumn

Budget a package of

funding to support similar

projects in Manchester,

Liverpool and the West

Midlands, so our work will

ensure our area doesn’t

miss out.

The full report can be

read at: ESHLeics